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"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

- Groucho Marx


Recommended Readings.

Alphabetical by author.
Note: Some of these titles are old and may be out of print or difficult to find.
Check out your local Librarian or bookstore for further assistance.

Victorian Bar

A special note from Brother Tom Duncan. Feb. 5, 2009:

I am writing to ask if you would spread the word to the Mountain Charlie chapter that a
new book about ECV is available. A description follows.

"E Clampus Vitus: Anthology of New Dispensation Lore" is available at:

From 1934 to the centennial of the Gold Rush in 1949, six volumes of New Dispensation lore
were written to announce and explain E Clampus Vitus. This anthology brings these six volumes
together for the first time in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the publication of the
first volume in the series. Volumes included are:
The Enigmatical Book of Vitus,
The Curious Book of Clampus or Gumshaniana,
My Darling's ECV: The Esoteric Book of E,
Ye Preposterous Booke of Brasse,
Credo Quia Absurdum and
Fool's Gold.

Many thanks,

Tom Duncan
Matuca 1849
Catheys Valley, CA

Victorian Bar

Ambrose, Stephen E.
"Nothing Like It In The World -
The Men Who Built The Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869"
Simon & Schuster
New York, New York. 10020
ISBN: 0-743-20317-8 2001
ISBN: 0-684-84609-8 2000
TF23.A48 2000

Arbuckle, Clyde
"Clyde Arbuckle's History of San Jose"
Smith & McKay - 1986
San Jose - 1986
Call# REF CAL 979.474 Arbuckle

Note: This is the definitive history of San Jose, California.

Arbuckle, Clyde
"Clyde Arbuckle's wonderful video: Restless Valley"
A history of the Santa Clara Valley
in four parts on one video cassette or DVD.
Available from the City of San Jose Library or
the Santa Clara County Library.

Angle, Paul McClelland
A pictorial History of The Civil War Years
A Main Street Book
Published by Doubleday 1980
1540 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
ISBN: 0-385-18551-0 (pbk.)
E468.A56 1985

Barry, Dave
"Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys"
Ballantine Books - 2000
ISBN: 034544633 (pb)

Bauer, John "Ol' Chumbucket" and
Summers, Mark "Cap'n Slappy"
- with introduction by Dave Barry
"Pirattitude - So you wanna be a pirate? Here's how!"
New American library
a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
375 Hudson Street
New York, New York 10014
ISBN: 0-451-21649-0 (pbk.)
PN6231.P53B38 2005

Beal, Richard
"Highway 17; The Road to Santa Cruz"
The Pacific Group - 1991
P.O. Box 44
Aptos, California. 95001
ISBN: 0-9629974-0-4

Beebe, Lucius and Clegg, Charles
"Steamcars to The Comstock"
Howell - North Books - 1957
1050 Parker Street,
Berkeley, California. 94710
ISBN: 0-8310-7004-8
Library of Congress 57-2739

Bender, Texas Bix
"Don't Squat With Yer Spurs On! A Cowboy's Guide To Life"
P.O. box 667
Layton, UT 84041
A Peregrine Smith Book
Gibbs Smith Publisher - 1992
ISBN: 0-87905-470-0 (pb)

Bierce, Ambrose
"Civil War Stories" (unabridged)
Dover Publications, Inc - 1994
- Thrift Editions
Mineola, New York 11501
ISBN: 0-486-28038-1 (pb)
PS1097.A6 1994

Billings, Josh
"Josh Billings, Hiz Sayings"
New York, Carleton, - 1866

Billings, Josh
"Josh Billings On Ice, and Other Things"
With comic illustrations by J. H. Howard
New York, G. W. Carleton. - 1866

Black, Baxter
"Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy"
New York, New York
Penguin Books - 1997 ISBN: 0-609-60122-9 (hc)
ISBN: 0-14-02.7567-3 (pbk)

Black, Baxter
"Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?"
Viking Penguin - 1995.
ISBN: 014025093X
Crown Publishers - 1994
ISBN: 0517593777

Brands, H. W.
"The Age of Gold:
The California Gold Rush and The New American Dream"
Anchor Books/Doubleday.
New York.
Adivision of Random House, Inc.
ISBN: 0-385-72088-2 (pb) Oct. 2003
ISBN: 0-385-50216-8 (hb) Sept. 2002
F856.B76 2002

Burrill, Robert and Lynn Rogers
"Images of America - Alviso"
Arcadia Publishing - 2006
San Francisco, CA
Library of Congress: 2006922941

Burrill, Robert & The Milpitas Historical Society
"Images of America - Milpitas"
Arcadia Publishing - 2004
San Francisco, CA
Library of Congress: 2004109618

Butler, Phyllis Filberti
"Old Santa Clara Valley -
A Guide To Historic Buildings from Palo Alto to Gilroy"
Wide World Publishing/Tetra Rev. ed. 1991
P.O. Box 476
San Carlos, CA 94070
ISBN: 0933174-81-0 pb.
F868.S25B76 1991

"California Historical Landmarks" (Includes No.1 - 918)
State of California - the Resources Agency
Department of Parks and Recreation. 1979
P.O. Box 2390
Sacramento, CA 95811

California State Series
"Past Present and Future
California Information Almanac (Teacher's Manual)"
California State Department of Education.
California Office of State Printing.
Sacramento, California. - 1971
Library of Congress: 49-2266.

Campbell Historical Museum & Ainsley House & Brey, Karen
"Images of America - Campbell"
Arcadia Publishing - 2004
San Francisco, CA
Library of Congress: 2004107078
Costco Item# 862969 $12.99

Carr, Jess.
"The Second Oldest Profession -
An Informal History of
Moonshining in America"
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. - 1972
ISBN: 0-13-797563-5
Library of Congress: 70-172277

Carter, William
"Ghost Towns of The West"
Sunset Books
Lane Magazine & Book Company - 1971
Menlo Park, California. 94025.
ISBN: 376-05321-6
Library of Congress: 78-1577170

Castro, Kenneth M. and Fambrini, Eugene L. "Geno"
"E Clampus Vitus Plaques 1930-1995"
E Clampus Vitus, Inc., 5986 (1981) - 1995
revised, 6000 (1995)
Harrington McInnis Printers
125 - 10th Street
Oakland, California. 94607
F861.6.C37x 1981

"Gold Rush Country -
Guide to California's Colorful Mining Past"
Sunset Books
Lane Publishing Co. Menlo Park, California. 94025.
Lane Magazine & Book Company - 1963, 1989.
ISBN: 0-376-06256-8
Library of Congress: 75-180518

Clappe, Louise Amelia Knapp Smith
"The Shirley Letters"
Edited by Marlene Smith-Baranzini
Heyday Books. Reprint 3-1-1998.
P.O. Box 9145
Berkeley, CA 94709
ISBN: 1-890771-00-7
F865.C58 1998

Conaway, Peggy
"Images of America - Los Gatos."
Arcadia Publishing 2004
San Francisco, CA.
ISBN: 0-7385-2903-6
Library of Congress: 2004104891
Costco: Item# 855449 ($12.99)
Note: Contains photo and article about Charles "Mountain Charlie" McKiernan on page 11.

Dary, David
"Seeking Pleasure in The Old West"
New York.
A Borozi book.
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. - 1995
Distributed by Random House, Inc.
ISBN: 0-394-56178-3

De Quille, Dan (William Wright)
"A History Of The Comstock Silver Lode & Mines"
New York, New York. 10016
Promontory Press - 1974
(Reprint of the 1889 edition.)
ISBN: 0-88394-024-8
Library of Congress: 73-92646

Duncan, Tom
"E Clampus Vitus: Anthology of New Dispensation Lore"

From 1934 to the centennial of the Gold Rush in 1949, six volumes of New Dispensation lore
were written to announce and explain E Clampus Vitus. This anthology brings these six volumes
together for the first time in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the publication of the
first volume in the series. Volumes included are:
The Enigmatical Book of Vitus,
The Curious Book of Clampus or Gumshaniana,
My Darling's ECV: The Esoteric Book of E,
Ye Preposterous Booke of Brasse,
Credo Quia Absurdum, and
Fool's Gold.

This book is available at:

Tom Duncan
Matuca 1849
Catheys Valley, CA

Erbsen, Wayne.
"Rousing Songs and True Tales of The Civil War"
Native Ground Music Inc. - 1999
109 Bell Road
Asheville, NC 28805
800 752-2656
Order No. NGB-950
ISBN: 1-883206-33-2

Erdoes, Richard
"Saloons Of The Old West"
New York.
Gramercy Books. - 1979
Random House Value Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 0-517-1873-8
Originally published in 1979 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
New York.

Farrell, Harry
"Swift Justice: Murder And Vengeance In A California Town"
St, Martin's Griffin - 1992
ISBN: 0312089015

Fey, Marshall
"Slot Machines. A Pictorial History Of The First 100 Years"
Liberty Belle Books - 1997
4250 South Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89502
ISBN: 1-889243-00-0
Library of Congress: 93-081047

Flanagan, Mike
"Out West"
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers - 1987
New York, New York
ISBN: 0-8109-1409-3
F591.F54 1987

Foote, Shelby
"The Civil War - A Narative"

Fort Sumpter To Perryville.
ISBN: 0-394-74623-6 (vol.1 pb) $25.00

Fredericsburg To Meridian
ISBN: 0-394-74621-X (vol.2 pb) $25.00

Red River To Appomattox
ISBN: 0-394-74622-8 (vol.3 pb) $25.00

Box set of all three volumes:
ISBN: 0-394-74913-8 (vol.1, 2, 3. pb) $75.00

Vintage Books
A division of Random House - 1974
New York, New York.

Frank, Phil
"Going Local With 'Farley'"
Ten Speed Press - 1991
P.O. Box 7123
Berkeley, California 94707
ISBN: 0-89815-441-3
Library of Congress 91-050658

Frusetta, Peter C.
"Quicksilver Country. California's New Idria Mining District"
Library of Congress Registration Number: TXU 427 554

also by the author:
"Beyond The Pinnacles"

Peter C. Frusetta
P.O. Box 246
Tres Pinos, CA 95075

Gentry, Curt
"The Last Days of The Late, Great, State of California"
Comstock Editions, Inc. - 1968
3030 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965
ISBN: 0-89174-021-X-250 (pb)
Library of Congress: 68-8613

Greb, Gordon and Adams, Mike
"Charles Herrold Inventor Of Radio Broadcasting"
McFarland Publishing Company - 2003
North Carolina
ISBN: 0-7864-1690-4
PN1991.4.H39G74 2003
Available at the San Jose State University Bookstore
Faculty Authors section.
Paperback. $45.00
Note: Book mentions ECV1850 XNGH James M. Arbuckle
and Mountain Charlie Chapter's plaque honoring
Charles Herrold and his pioneering radio station.

Gurganus, Allan
"Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All"
Ivy Books
Published by Ballantine Books
New York - 1989
ISBN; 8041-0643-6 (pb)
Library of Congress 88-45870

Hart, Bret
"Bret Hart's Gold Rush: Outcasts of Poker Flat,
The Luck Of Roaring Camp, Tennessee's Partner, & Other Favorites."
Hayday Books - 1996.
ISBN: 0930588886 (pb)

Herb, Angela M.
"Beyond The Mississippi -
Early Westward Expansion of the United States"
Laing Communications, Inc. - 1996
Lodestar Books
an affiliate of Dutton Children's Books
a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.
New York, New York
ISBN: 0-525-67503-5
F592.H46 1996

Holliday, J. S.
"Rush For Riches. - Gold Fever And The Making Of California"
Co-published by the Oakland Museum Of California and
The University Of California Press. - 1999
Berkeley and Los Angeles, California.
ISBN: 0-520-21401-3 (alk.paper)
ISBN: 0-520-21402-1 (pbk:alk.paper)
Library of Congress: 98-55422
F865.H689 1999

Holliday, J. S.
"The World Rushed In:
The California Gold Rush Experience -
An Eyewitness Account Of A Nation Heading West"
First Touchstone Edition - 1983
Simon and Schuster
New York, N.Y.
ISBN: 0-671-25537-1
University of Oklahoma Press
Red River Edition. 11-1-2002
ISBN: 0-806-13464-X

Holmes, Kenneth L.
"Covered wagon Women -
Diaries & Letters from the Western Trails, 1853-1854"
Arthur H. Clark Company
Glendale, CA.
ISBN: 0-8023-7205-2
(Includes reference to Joe Zumwalt's wagon train.)

Horwitz, Tony
"Confederates In The Attic:
Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War"
Vintage Books, a division of Random House Inc. - 1999
New York, New York
ISBN: 0-679-75833-X
E468.9H78 1998

Johnson, Clint
"The Politically Incorrect Guide To The South -
and Why It Will Rise Again"
Regnery Publishing, Inc. - 2006
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
ISBN: 1-59698-500-3
ISBN: 976-59698-500-1

Johnson, Marael
"Why Stop? A Guide to California Roadside Historical Markers"
Gulf Publishing Co. - 1995
Houston, Texas.
ISBN: 0-88415-923-X

Kalman, Bobbie and Calder, Kate
"The Life of a Miner"
(Life In The Old West)
Crabtree Publishing Company - 1999
ISBN: 0-7787-0109-3 (pb)
HD8039.M732U653 1999
J622/.3422/0978 21
LC 99-23488

Kalman, Bobbie
"Hooray For Sheep Farming!"
Crabtree Publishing Company. - 1997
ISBN: 0865056692

Lambert, Florin
"Nevada Ghost Towns"
Superior Publishing Company - 1971
Seattle Washington
Library of Congress: 78-160182

Lawless, Chuck
"Ghost Towns, Gamblers, and Gold"
Gallery Books
An imprint of W.H. Smith Publishers Inc. - 1985
112 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10016
ISBN: 8317-3903-7

Levy, JoAnne
"They Saw The Elephant:
Women In The California Gold Rush"
University of Oklahoma Press
Reprint Edition 9-1-1992
ISBN: 0806124733

Levy, JoAnne
"Unsettling The West:
Eliza Farnham And Georgiana Bruce Kirby In Frontier California"
Heyday Books - A California Legacy Book
Santa Clara University - 2004
ISBN: 1-890771-83-X
F865.L675 2004

Loomis, Patricia
"A Walk Through The Past-
San Jose's Oak Hill Memorial Park"
Published by the Argonauts Historical Society of San Jose - 1998
The Press
76 Notre Dame Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
ISBN: 0-9662244-0-X

Marschner, Janice
"California-1850, A Snapshot In Time"
Coleman Ranch Press.
Sacramento, CA. - 2002
ISBN: 0-9677069-4-7 (hb)
Library of Congress: 99-98054

Martin, Cy
"Whiskey and Wild Women"
New York, New York.
Hart Publishing Company. - 1974
ISBN: 08055-1125-3 (hb)
ISBN: 08055-0185-1 (pb)
Library of Congress: 74-76530

McClure, James D.
"California Landmarks -
A Photographic Guide to The State's Historic Spots"
Stanford University Press.
Stanford, California. - 1948/1969

Papazian, Charlie
"The Complete Joy of Homebrewing"
Avon Books, a division of the Hearst Corporation. - 1984
105 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. 10016
ISBN: 0-380-88369-4 (pb)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
"California's Historical Monuments"
Compiled from a series of articles in
"P.G. and E. Progress."
with a foreward by Govenor Edmund G. Brown - 1965

Pack, Captain James, OBE.
"Nelson's Blood - The Story of Naval Rum"
Bluejacket Books
Naval Institute Press
3rd. edition 2-1-1996
ISBN: 1557506663

Piatt, Michael H.
Bodie: "The Mines Are Looking Well -
A History of the Bodie Mining District, Mono County, California"
North Bay Books.
P.O.Box 21234
El Sobrante, CA 2003
Telephone: 800-870-3194
Fax: 510-758-4659
288 Pages, 8 1/2" x 11" 130 Photographs, Maps, Index.
ISBN: 0-9725200-5-8 (Hardbound)
ISBN: 0-9725200-0-7 (Softbound)

Pryor, Alton
"Classic Tales In California History"
Stagecoach Publishing - 1999
5360 Campcreek Loop
Roseville, CA. 95747
ISBN: 0-9660053-2-5
Note: Includes chapters on ECV, Emperor Norton I, and Black Bart.

Pryor, Alton
"Little Known Tales In California History"
Stagecoach Publishing - 1999
5360 Campcreek Loop
Roseville, CA. 95747
ISBN: 0-9660053-1-7

Pryor, Alton
"Those Wild and Lusty Gold Camps"
Stagecoach Publishing - 1999
5360 Campcreek Loop
Roseville, CA. 95747
ISBN: 0-9660053-4-1

Purkey, Becky Weimer and Garside, Larry J.
"Geologic And Natural History Tours In The Reno Area"
Nevada Bureau Of Mines And Geology. - 1995.
Special Publication 19.
Mackay School Of Mines.
University Of Nevada, Reno, NV.
ISBN: 1-888035-01-3

Rambo, Ralph
"Pen and Inklings"
San Jose Historical Museum Association
The Rosicrucian Press. - 1984
Limited edition
ISBN: 0-914139-01-0

Rather, Lois
"Men will be Boys: The Story of E Clampus Vitus"
Rather Press. - 1980
Oakland, California.
HS 1510.E15.R38x

Rawls, Jim
"Dr. History's Whiz-Bang. Favorite Stories of California's Past"
P.O. Box 50490
Palo Alto, California 94303
Tioga Publishing Company - 1991
ISBN 0-935382-77-1
F861.3.R39 1991

Rawls, Jim
"Dr. History's Sampler. More Stories of California's Past"
San Francisco, CA
McGraw Hill, Inc. - 1994
ISBN 0-07-051482-8

Salewske, Claudia
"Images of America - Gilroy"
Arcadia Publishing,
an imprint of Tempus Publishing, Inc. - 2003
Chareston, SC, Chicago, Portsmouth NH.
ISBN 0-7385-2860-9
Library of Congress: 2003220955
Costco Item# 797924 (Available at the Gilroy, CA. Costco.)

Schneider, Richard H.
"TAPS - Notes From a Nation's Heart"
William Morrow - HarperCollins Publishers - 2002
10 East 53rd Street, New York, N. Y. 10022.
ISBN: 0-06-009693-4 (hb)

Seagraves, Anne
"Daughters of the West"
Post Office Box 428
Hayden, Idaho 83835
Wesanne Publications - 1996
ISBN: 0-9619088-5-8
Library of Congress: 95-061859

Seagraves, Anne
"Soiled Doves. Prostitution in The Early West"
Post Office Box 428
Hayden, Idaho 83835
Wesanne Publications - 1994
ISBN: 096190884X (pb)

Seagraves, Anne
"Women Who Charmed The West"
Post Office Box 428
Hayden, Idaho 83835
Wesanne Publications - 1991.
ISBN: 0-9619088-2-3
Library of Congress: 91-065794

Secrest, William B.
"California Desperadoes
Stories Of Early California Outlaws In Their Own Words"
Word Dancer Press Inc. - 2000
8386 N. Madsen
Clovis, CA 93611

Secrest, William B. Jr. and Secrest, William B. Sr.
"California Disasters 1800-1900"
Quill Driver Books
Word Dancer Press Inc. - 2006
8386 N. Madsen
Clovis, CA 93611
ISBN: 1-884995-49-7 (pb)
F861.S35 2005
Costco Item# 967023 $9.99

Secrest, William B.
"Perilous Trails, Dangerous Men
Early California Stagecoach Robbers And Their Desperate Careers 1856-1900"
Quill Driver Books
Word Dancer Press Inc. - 2002
8386 N. Madsen
Clovis, CA 93611
ISBN: 1-884995-24-1

Service, Robert W.
"Best Tales of The Yukon"
125 South 22nd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Running Press Book Publishers - 1983.
ISBN: 0-89471-201-2 (pb)

Slopes, Seth
"E Clampus Vitus Now & Then:
The Replete History of ECV"
Harrington McInnis Co., Inc.
125 - 10th Street. Oakland, California 94607
Copyright 2000 by Old Timers Museum. Murphys, California.

Smith, Steve and Green, Rick
"The Red Green Book - Wit And Wisdom of Possum Lodge"
Toronto, Canada
ISBN: 0-7715-7304-9

"Witness To The Civil War.
First-Hand Accounts from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper"
Compiled by J.G.Lewin and P.J.Huff
Edited by Stuart A.P.Murray
Harper-Collins Publishers, Inc. 2006
ISBN-10: 0-06-089150-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-06--89150-3

Solnit, Rebecca
"River Of Shadows:
Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West"

Starr, Kevin
"California A History"
Modern Library.
Chronicles Book.
A division of Random House
New York. - 2005
ISBN: 0-679-64240-4 (hb)
F861.S83 2005

Stone, Irving
"Men To Match My Mountains
The Opening of the Far West. 1840-1900"
Mainstream of America Series.
Edited By Lewis Gannett.
Garden City, New York. - 1956
Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Library of Congress: 56-9405

Stratton, Joanna L.
"Pioneer Women -
Voices From The Kansas Frontier"
A Touchstone Book
Simon & Schuster, Inc. - 1981
New York, New York
ISBN: 0-671-44748-3

Taber, Tom
"Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Book"
10th Edition - 30th Anniversary Edition
The Oak Valley Press - 2006
1643 Fillmore Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94403
ISBN: 0-9609170-9-8 (pb) $14.95

Has brief story of Mountain Charlie (Pg.26) and his historic "Big Tree." (Pg.240).

Travers, Sam
"Christmas In The Old West: A Historical Scrapbook"
Mountain Press Publishing Company. July 1, 2003
ISBN: 0878424601

Twain, Mark (Samuel Clemens)
"The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"
Dover Publishing. Inc. - 1971.
ISBN: 048622867

Twain, Mark (Samuel Clemens)
"Roughing It"
Hippocrene Books - 1988.

"Uncle John's Bathroom Reader
Plunges Into History Again"
The Bathroom Reader's Hysterical Society
Portable Press - 2004
5880 Oberlin Drive San Diego, CA 92121

Bathroon Reader's Press
P.O. Box 1117
Ashland, OR 97520
ISBN: 1-59223-261-2
PN6231.H47U54 2004
Costco Item# 853128
Note: Contains article on ECV, Clampers, and Drake's
"Preposterous Plate of Brass" on pages 389-392.

Varney, Phillip.
"Ghost Towns of Northern California -
Your Guide to Ghost Towns & Historic Mining Camps"
A Pictorial Discovery Guide.
Voyageur Press Inc. - 2001
123 North Second Street.
P.O. Box 338
Stillwater, MN 55082 USA
ISBN: 0-89658-444-5 (hardcover)
ISBN: 0-89658-442-9 (softcover)

Ward, Geoffrey C.
"The Civil War
An Illustrated Story by
Geoffrey C. Ward with
Ric Burns and Ken Burns"
A Borozi Book
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. - 1990
New York, New York
ISBN: 0-394-56285-2
ISBN: 0-697-74277-8 E468.7.W26 1990

Ward, Geoffrey C.
"The West
An Illustrated History"
With a Preface by Stephen Ives and Ken Burns
Little, Brown and Company
The West Book Project - 1996
ISBN: 0-316-92236-6
F591.W27 1996

Watkins, Sam R.
"Co. Aytch"
A Side Show To The Big Show.
The Classic Memoir of the Civil
War by a Confederate Soldier
With new introduction by Roy P. Basler
Collier Books
Macmillan Publishing Company - 1962
New York, New York 10022
ISBN: 0-02-038130-1
Library of Congress: 62-19123

Watkins, T.H.
Gold And Silver in The West
An Illustrated History of an American Dream
American West Publishing Company - 1971
Palo Alto, California
ISBN: 0-910118-21-3
Library of Congress: 70-158953

Webb, James H.
"Born Fighting - How The Scots-Irish Shaped America"
Broadway Books - 2004
New York
ISBN: 0-7679-1689-1 (pb)
E184.S4W43 2004

Weiner, Michael A.
"The Taster's Guide to Beer:
Brews and breweries of the world"
MacMillan Publishing Co. - June 1977
ISBN: 002082470X (pb)

Woods, Thomas E. Jr, Ph.D.
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History"
Regnery Publishing, Inc. - 2004
An Eagle Publishing Company.
Washington DC.
ISBN: 0-89526-047-6 (pb) $19.95
E179.W83 2004

Wyckoff, R. M.
"The Enigmatical Book of Vitus"
Hall of Comparative Ovations. Yerba Buena, California. - 1934
Reprint by The Blue River Cattle Company Stockton, California.
HS1510.E15.E55x 1993

Young, John V.
"Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains"
1111 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, California
Paper Vision Press - 1979
ISBN: 0-934136-01-7
Library of Congress: 79-90223
From articles originally published in 1934
in the San Jose Mercury Herald.

Victorian Bar

Many of the books listed above may be found at:
The California Room
Located in the SJSU/San Jose Martin luther King Jr. Library (5th floor).
150 E. San Fernando Streets (at 4th. Street)
San Jose State University campus.

An amazing collection of California books, maps, periodicals,
photos, and source materials of local, state, and regional historical interest.
A great place to do research or just browse.

Hours may vary, call for current schedule.
(408) 808-2000 Library General info.
(408) 808-2167 California Room Service Desk.
(408) 808-2063 SJSU Special Collections.

Admission: Free.
On-street Parking: Free after 6pm, and on weekends.

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