WHOA, Pardner.... Not so fast!

You must first identify yourself as a true Clamper by entering the correct password into the pop-up box.

Sign of the "sick" or the "well" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

(Must use all lower case. NO CAPITAL or Upper Case letters!)

This works best with Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browsers.
Make sure that both your System and Browser are up-to-date,
and that Javascript is enabled.

If you have a problem getting into the Clamper-Only section,
or if you are still using AOL or some weird old version of MS Explorer,
your browser may not show the password box, then just replace the words
doorkeeper.html with password.html
at the URL Address line at the top of this window.
(substituting the real password, of course.)

Do not give the Double-Secret Password to any non-Clamper, Widder, or Orphan.

If you can't remember your Initiation ceremony or if you
don't know if you are sick or well, then
DO NOT email me.

Go ask your Humbug!
He might decide to run you through the Initiation again.

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