Mountain Charlie Chapter No. 1850 of
The Ancient and Honorable order of
E Clampus Vitus
Historical Plaques and Monuments


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Mountain Charlie Chapter has placed over a hundred historical
plaques and monuments throughout California and Utah to
help preserve our Western heritage and serve as a reminder
of our colorful past. As you travel, look for them along
roadways or near historical sites.

Click on the plaque names to learn more about them.
Please stop by from time to time and see what's new.

Plaques with gold stars are part of our special
Mountain Charlie History Tour. gold star
A self-guided tour of plaques that commemorate
the life and times of our Chapter's namesake,
Charles Henry "Mountain Charlie" McKiernan.

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The full text of each of our plaques is included on these pages,
and more new photos are being added as time and money permit.

We have also added GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Latitude and
Longitude coordinates for each of these plaques wherever possible,
to make them easier for you to locate. By entering the coordinate numbers
into your GPS unit or favorite free mapping website, you can access a map
and driving directions to the plaque's location.

All about GPS (Global Positioning Satellites).

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ECV1850 Plaque Menu

red ball 21-Mile House, Site of

red ball Historic Alum Rock Park

red ball Alviso

red ball Alviso, The Port and Town of

red ball Anderson Lake County Park

red ball Arbuckle, Tactitus Ryland

red ball Battle of Santa Clara

red ball Bell Station

red ball Bernal Adobe

red ball Blue and Gold Kennel Club

red ball Bonesio, Louis

red ball Bonesio Winery

red ball Boy Scouts of America

red ball Bulmore House 1854 - Cottage No.12

red ball Bulmore Park

red ball Burrell School

red ball Butterfield Overland Stage

red ball Calero County Park - Bailey Fellows House

red ball Carson House 1854 - Cottage No.13

red ball Cavalli's Blacksmith Shop

red ball Chateau Liberté

red ball Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park

red ball Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch County Park

red ball Development of Motion Pictures - Stanford University

red ball Donner, George Jr

red ball Early Settlers of Emory County (Utah)

red ball Eddy, William Henry

red ball El Senator Mine

red ball F.E. Cornell's Country Store

red ball Felton Covered Bridge

red ball Ferron Academy (Utah)

red ball World's First Broadcasting Station, Site Of

red ball First Honeybees in California

red ball First Mining in California, Site of

red ball First Normal School - San Jose State University

red ball Forbes Mill

red ball Fox, Margaret Caldwell

red ball Franklin Family Ranch

red ball Garrod Farms

red ball Gilroy, John

red ball Gonzales/Peralta Adobe Historical Site

red ball Goodrich Quarry

red ball Grames Cabin (Utah)

red ball Gubserville

red ball Hacienda Cemetery

red ball Hacienda Hotel

red ball Hamilton House

red ball Harding School (Utah)

red ball The Hauck House - Casa Nuestra - Cottage No.5

red ball Hayes Mansion

red ball Helper City (Utah)

red ball Hendy Stamp Mill

red ball Henry's Hi-Life

red ball Huttner House - Cottage No.3

red ball Jagel Slough

red ball Keesling's Shade Trees

red ball Kirby, Georgiana Bruce

[ red ball Kotani-En

red ball Leonard McKay Memorial Pothole

red ball Loomis - McKay Cenotaphs

red ball Lexington Reservoir

red ball Love, Captain Harry

red ball Mountain Charlie's Bear Fightgold star

red ball Mountain Charlie's Big Treegold star

red ball Mountain Charlie's Cabingold star

red ball Mountain Charlie's Cook Trailer

red ball Charles Henry McKiernan (Mountain Charlie's Gravesite)gold star

red ball Mountain Charlie Roadgold star

red ball Mountain Charlie, Weaverville, CAgold star

red ball Mountain Charlie W.O.C.O. Murphys, CAgold star

red ball Miller, Henry. Summer Home

red ball Molloy's Springs, Brooksville Hotel

red ball Mount Olivet Cemetery Office and Streetcar Line

red ball New Almaden's Civil War Crisis

red ball Patchen CSHL #448gold star

red ball Pellier Historical Park

red ball Peregrine Landing, Ark, and Stables

red ball Pleasant Valley Coal Co. (Utah)

red ball Price Townsite Cabin (Utah)

red ball Randol House - Cottage No.1

red ball Randolph House

red ball Robles - Garcia Monument

red ball Rockin' M Ranch

red ball Rucker School

red ball San Jose High School 150 Years

red ball San Jose History Museum - Bandstand

red ball San Jose History Museum - Dashaway Stables

red ball San Jose Histort Museum - Umbarger House

red ball San Jose Woman's Club

red ball San Martin, Community of

red ball San Ysidro Rancho and John Gilroy

red ball San Ysidro School

red ball Santa Clara Depot

red ball Santa Clara Mission

red ball Santa Clara Tower

red ball Robert Scott House - Cottage No.4)

red ball Settler's Grove

red ball Skinner's Seedling

red ball Smith House, Francis J.

red ball South Pacific Coast Railroad

red ball The Steamboat Jenny Lind Disaster

red ball Stephens, Captain Elisha

red ball The Cats, Los Gatos

red ball Town Of Coyote

red ball Trivia Marker #1

red ball Trivia Marker #2

red ball Vichy Spring

red ball Vineyard School, Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area

red ball Warner, Matt (Utah)

red ball Washington Hotel

red ball Winchester Mystery House

red ball Winchester Mystery House - 100 Years of Mystery

red ball John Young House - Cottage No.2

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