Clyde Arbuckle in Restless Valley

a history of the Santa Clara Valley in four parts, on one video cassette

Clyde, San Josè's historian for 50 years, did this 4-part series on the history of the Valley more than 30 years ago. The Drama Department at then San Jose State College produced these programs which appeared on KTEH. The set was his office at the old museum, a replica of California's first Statehouse, which still stands at the County Fairgrounds. Each part runs about 30 minutes. All four parts are on this one cassette.

I like the series because he was my father and because I remember watching the series after morning coffee on Saturdays at my apartment in Palo Alto. The stark simplicity contrasts with today's TV, and again contrasted with today's TV, here is a person speaking without a teleprompter, someone who obviously knows and loves his subject. I hope that you enjoy this series as much as I.

Jim Arbuckle


Part 1

The geography and the first explorers and settlers.

Part 3 ................................1820 to 1875

Mexican California: Economic expansion, cattle raising, gold, and wheat.

Part 2..................late 18th Century

Spanish California: De Anza's overland journey, the mission at Santa Clara (with Father Spearman), and the founding of the Pueblo of San Josè.

Part 4............................1906 to WW II

The earthquake, rise of the fruit industry, amusement and entertainment, the ring of interurban, electric railroads, aviation, and WW II.

...what they say:

Anyone who has been Mr. A's student or admirer will treasure this "lost" 4-part video program. It's a great way to relive history with Clyde.

Leonard McKay - Editor of Clyde Arbuckle's History of San Josè

This video is a Santa Clara County classic. I recommend it highly.

Mark Thomas - Local historian and author of Wielding the Gavel

Before there were silicon chips there were orchards, and before there were orchards there was the Plain of the Oaks. Clyde Arbuckle ties it all together in this absorbing, scholarly series on The Restless Valley.

Willys Peck, Saratoga historian.

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